Alva Christo Y.W.

In The Horizon

In the Horizon is based on science fiction and space exploration. The series depicts my childhood memories of the science fiction series I watched and read. The series itself is strongly influenced by both Eastern and Western classic science fiction pieces such as Akira, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Starship Troopers, and Tokusatsu Series. I want to create a feeling of nostalgia, curiosity, and imagination through staged photography.

The curiosity of man is the main theme depicted in this series. Curiosity is one of the essential aspects of human nature. We, as humans, tend to study and seek the mysteries in life. We try to explain and understand phenomenon around us and imagine many possibilities that could happen in the future. The absurdity of the future is what interests mankind the most. Creating visions out of our imagination is the first step we take before conducting research and taking further actions to seek mystery.

The process to make this series was rather tedious, involving heavy edits, compositing 3D models, and costume production. The 3D models help in creating a set and story and in picturing the futuristic objects. I chose 2 different ratios: 24:65 panoramic and 4:5. The panoramic ratio like as the images to film stills while the 4:5 format is the standard photographic format of the scene.

In the end, there are different possibilities for the future, frightening or fascinating, depending on how you imagine them. All we need to do is keep gazing into the horizon.